The Shoe: Chapter One

The shoe missed his head by a good six inches, although the sentiment behind the assault, made a direct hit; she was pissed off with him. Even stark naked, her tits doing a war dance as she flounced around, she projected real anger in his direction. However he sought to excuse his actions, at the back of his mind, there lurked the possibility that the anger might have been justified.

She was sober, it had been her turn to drive, which may explain their rather differing approaches to this evening’s shenanigans. Alright he had enjoyed talking to Penelope, may just have overdone it, but Christ it didn’t warrant this explosion of violent antagonism did it? Usually, after a night out, they would have partaken of a nightcap, while calmly taking apart the characters of the people at the party, before coming together in pleasant sexual harmony in their big bed. Not tonight. Josie had slammed the car door behind her before striding across the drive, though the front door, and straight upstairs, without a word.